T&Cs - Creation Club

Terms and Conditions

By agreeing to the terms and conditions parents/guardians acknowledge that they have read and agree to the following.

Student Behaviour

Students who attend Cottesloe's Digital Creation Club's afterschool classes must follow instructions given by the teacher and they are not to use the school equipment for anything other than what they have been instructed to. They must also be consistently respectful to their peers.

Failure to comply, depending on severity, may result in either an email to the parent or guardian outline the behaviour and what needs to be improved or an immediate phone call. Parents/guardians agree that upon receiving a phone call due to a severe behavioural issue, they may be asked to have the student picked up immediately.

Should any issues continue, students may be suspended from the course. In which case, they will not be issued a refund.

Student Files

Parents/guardians agree that their child's work may be posted to creationclub.au upon completion. They may, at any point, contact Mr Rose via email to have the work removed if preferred.


Payment will be processed via Square. Card details will not be stored.

If at any time the student no longer wishes to attend the class, their parents/guardians may contact Mr Rose for a partial refund. The refund will be paid pro-rata.