T&Cs - Creation Club

Terms and Conditions

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, parents/guardians confirm that they have thoroughly read and consent to the following stipulations.

  1. Student Behavior and Expectations

    a. Students attending the Children's Creation Club's afterschool classes must adhere to the instructions and rules provided by the teacher and refrain from using school equipment for any unauthorized purposes. Furthermore, students are expected to consistently treat their peers and their teacher with respect.

    b. Failure to comply, depending on the severity, may result in either an email to the parent/guardian outlining the concerning behavior and required improvements or an immediate phone call. Parents/guardians acknowledge that, in case of a severe behavioral issue, they may be asked to pick up the student without delay.

    c. Persistent issues may lead to the student's suspension from the course, and no refund will be issued in such cases.

  2. Pick-Up Arrangements and Student Responsibility

    a. Parents/guardians who have indicated on the enrollment form that they will pick up their child after class must arrive promptly at the designated class end time. If parents/guardians are repeatedly late, they will be contacted by phone, and the student may be prohibited from continuing attendance in the class.

    b. The supervising teacher shall not be held responsible for any children who have not been picked up if the parent/guardian has indicated on the enrollment form that the child will walk home. This clause is subject to exceptions only when the parent/guardian has provided prior notice of alternative arrangements.

  3. Project Completion and Student Progress

    a. It is not guaranteed that a student will complete projects by the end of a given term. If students encounter difficulties, it is their responsibility to seek assistance from the teacher. Although the supervising teach will make every effort to ensure all students stay on track, it is possible for some struggling students to be inadvertently overlooked.

  4. Student Files and Intellectual Property

    a. Parents/guardians consent to the posting of their child's work on creationclub.au upon completion. If desired, parents/guardians may contact us to request the removal of the work at any time.

  5. Payments and Refunds

    a. Payments will be processed via Square, and card details will not be stored.

    b. If a student decides to discontinue their attendance in the class, parents/guardians may contact us for a partial refund, which will be issued on a pro-rata basis.

Updated on the 4th of April 2023.