Lessons - CCC

Complete the game and then move on to Getting Started!

Awesome! Now you'll need to make a Scratch account. Get Mr. Rose to write down your username and password in case you forget!

For the email, you can use your first and last name like so: first.last@creationclub.au

If you already have an account, great! Just log in to get started.

Open the game pack and then start Part 1!

Pro Tip: click then select picture-in-picture to view the video over Scratch!

Rememer you can video the video in fullscreen if you need to see the numbers more clearly!

Doing great! Keep it up!

Woohoo! You've finished your first game! Now let's make a better one! Open the new game pack and start Part 1.

Let's make some better controls!

Don't forget you can check back in the video if you miss anything!

Just dodging one asteroid was too easy!

Let's make it prettier!


Ah, variables!

Now let's put those variables to good use!


It's okay to buy people, right?

Now we're getting somewhere!

A bakery that infinitely produces cookies for only 200 cookies? Now that's a good deal!

This little guy inpsired the CPU character!

Now to add the final touches!

Coming soon!